Day 7

It’s amazing how your goals in life change in an instant. How seeing your little finger twitch can reduce you to tears. It seems small however the significance is huge, this was the first sign of movement from an area fed from nerves below the level of the injury. I have been diagnosed with an incomplete as apposed to a complete spinal cord injury. This means that the cord is damaged but not severed completely. Damage can range from quadriplegia to a complete recovery however the extent will only be apparent over time. This uncertainty is my main source of anxiety and i can’t emphasise enough how a tiny flicker in the right direction can swing your mood.

I want to make it clear that although this isn’t an ideal situation it could be so much worse. I have followed the stories of some amazing individuals over the last few years, Matt Hampson, Henry Fraser and more recently people getting in touch since my accident. So many of these people have come back from tougher places than me and are now leading inspired lives, whatever the outcome of their injuries. Keeping the faith that things WILL get better and could be worse is all you have to hold on to in these early days.
The bottom line is the day I dived into the pool I got lucky. I got lucky that people were there to pull me above the water. I got lucky that my dad is a doctor and knew to keep my spine straight. I got lucky that I was operated on within 7 hours of the injury. I got lucky that I was only 10 miles from one of the leading neurological centres in the country. I was lucky to be awake and talking, and now I’m lucky my finger is moving. I know lucky is a weird way to look at it but for me it helps being able to look back at that day in a different light. As Churchill put it, “One must never forget when misfortunes come that it is quite possible they are saving one from something worse.” Safe to say the best day that week!

Thanks again for all the messages ✌️


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