Day 10

However unnerving it may be to people visiting, the intensive care unit at Southmead Hospital is an undeniably impressive place. Highly skilled doctors and nurses supported by millions of pounds worth of equipment, work around the clock, literally saving lives. My dad with his medical hat on was fascinated by the place, commenting on how every machine was so much better ‘than in his day’. At one point he even started answering the ward phone πŸ™ˆ. I would go as far to say that I think he was finding the whole experience quite enjoyable. (that’s a joke btw)
Enjoyable is not a word I would use to describe my daily routine at this point however, exciting maybe, interesting definitely, but enjoyable certainly not. I was lucky enough to have a room with a view. A large glass window allowed me to look out over north Bristol towards Wales. In time however this ‘lucky’ window started to offer up some challenges. A tantalising view on normality only increased the frustration of being stuck in that room. That’s why, when after spending 10 days in a sterilised box, my first trip outside was heaven. Made even better because I got to see my dogs for the first time. This is Barry my 3 year old Bulldog and out of shot is Molly my 10yr old boxer (more pics of her to come no doubt). If you look back at my previous pics you can see how much my dogs mean to me, and although I missed them, that little bit of normality meant I slept well that night. It has become more and more apparent to me that bits of normality in an otherwise alien world go a long way. Wether it be your favourite meal, a few photos or a trip to see the dogs, try and keep some normality in your life.
At this stage my right hand and arm had also shown small signs of improvement and as the more cunning of you may have worked out, they continue to improve to this day, hence the fact I can type! I would love to say more but I feel it is important to cover the whole journey, no doubt I’ll catch up soon. ✌️


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