Day 20


I had now transferred to a neurological ward at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. Although slightly less futuristic than Southmead, the RUH carries a certain old school charm and also happens to be where I was born. I had landed in a bay on Helena ward. Fortunately, on day one, I managed to annoy the nurses enough with the amount of clutter I had brought on tour with me, that I was relocated to one of the bigger side rooms. High ceilings, two big windows and some peace and quiet offer some room to breathe, relax and sleep! The ability to switch off has proved to be a very important skill, I will be talking tactics at a later date, however one thing I can say is that the environment you find yourself in goes a long way to being able to clear your head. A key driver of environment is the staff and the team that matron Rosie runs here are like one big dysfunctional family that I am growing very fond of. I can’t be sure they would say the same for me but we have a laugh!
Having spent the last 10 years in professional sport I have had my fair share of trips to the doctors. A knee operation, four shoulder operations, along with numerous scans and consultations have resulted in me racking up a fair few hours in hospitals and surgeries across the country. However due to the insurance policies that the rugby clubs carry, most of this has been in private healthcare. Because of this i have to admit that I never really appreciated quite what an incredible thing the NHS is. I know it has its issues, but the fact that everyone in this country is entitled to access some of the best healthcare professionals and facilities in the world is extraordinary and something we should never take for granted.

Best bit though, dogs are allowed on the ward 😁

Meet Molly (pictured) βœŒοΈ

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