Day 24

Back on the bike

Up to this point the majority of my rehab had revolved around trying to pick things up and occasionally throw them at people, but as I started to feel stronger I was desperate to do more. Those of you who know me will appreciate that I am not very good at doing nothing. Most of my days off were either spent at the gym, on my bike, or up a hill with the dogs, so lying in bed for three weeks was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least. Finally however, it was time to escape the horizontal life and return to the world of the sitting.

Being able to sit out in a chair opens up a whole host of new possibilities. I was now able to:

– eat a meal without the risk of choking

– look at peoples faces rather than up their noses

– appreciate how short the nurses really are

– start my first proper rehab sessions

My right leg was now working well enough to turn over the contraption pictured above. The ‘motormed’ is a power assisted bike designed to get your legs moving, and although my left leg was still a passenger, the process was helping to maintain muscle memory. Even though this particular motormed looked like it was brought out about the same time as the Sega megadrive, it was doing a job, and I was returning to bed having felt like I had achieved something. I now had something tangible to do, something to break up the day, and although I was still a long way off being able to work up a sweat; I was back on the bike.

IMG_0444 2
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