Day 27

Soup sandwich

One thing that I will never take for granted again are my core muscles. It’s only when they stop working that you begin to appreciate just how integral they are. The accident had knocked the power off completely to the muscles along the left hand side of my trunk and severely impaired those on the right. The result was a torso with the strength and consistency of a soup sandwich. Sitting, standing, rolling, twisting, coughing, just about everything is only possible with some degree of core strength. Regaining control in this area is therefore a priority in these early stages of rehab.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to sit up straight. This exercise nearly killed me the first time I tried it and although I love the physical challenge, every session is just as much a mental battle. Not being able to do what used to come so easily is not only frustrating but can be quite upsetting. The left leg and hand were also causing a lot of stress as there was still no movement, but at least we were out of bed trying to do something about it.

It was at this point that I had started working with Pete and his team. Pete is the lead neuro physio at the RUH and a bit of a legend of the game. The 5 ft 4, ex army, scooter fanatic is a character to say the least. No one seems to be sure of Pete’s age but what we are sure of is that he is Sicilian and therefore almost certainly mafia. He has 20 years of experience in neuro, a proven track record and clearly knows what he is talking about. Because of this and his mafia connections, I will be doing everything he says.

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