Day 30

New faces

I couldn’t believe it had been a month since my injury. It feels like yesterday that I was staring up at the surgeon as he informed me that there was a chance I may not wake up from this operation. One of the only advantages of being experienced at going under the knife was that I knew that they always say that. This time was different though, he said it with such serenity and purpose that for the first time before an operation I was genuinely scared. I will never forget that moment, the fear involved is probably the reason it still feels so fresh in my mind, even so, I still couldn’t believe 30 days had passed.

I’m not sure exactly why the days were ticking by so quickly, but I am sure a big part of it was down to the people around me. You don’t appreciate the support network you have until it is called into action. The lengths that friends, family and even strangers have gone to in order to make this journey that bit easier for me is overwhelming. I am so lucky that between my oversized family, fiancé Lois and amazing group of friends, I am rarely alone during the day. Every cloud has a silver lining and for me it’s getting to spend quality time with the people I love and even meeting a few new faces…👶🏻. You have all made me realise how much I have got to get better for, and that there is still fun to be had even in the darkest of times. I love you all. ✌️

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