Day 38


I had lost over two and a half stone and all I had to do was lie down and do nothing for a month. Some of you may think, perfect, summers coming, but before you tuck yourself into bed for the run up to Ibiza you should probably know that none of it was fat. The rate at which muscle atrophies when not being used is quite astonishing. It took about ten years of grafting for me to build my average rig and only two weeks for it to disappear. Thankfully I now had the mobility and strength to start fighting back and have since managed to limit the losses and get my weight to level out. However at 95kg I was now the lightest I had been since I was fourteen and it had nothing to do with diet.

The truth is hospital food isn’t all bad. Don’t get me wrong, you get the odd shocker and there’s probably more nutrients in a flip flop, but I expected a lot worse. I wasn’t telling anyone though. The fact that hospital grub has a bad rep was working in my favour. A different delivery of food was landing in my room almost daily. Between the hospital food, deliveroo and care packages from the friends and family, i had more food than I could shake a stick at. Getting fat was the least of my worries at the moment and if it meant that I was getting the nutrients I needed and could carry on eating the food I love then so be it.

If I said that watching my body change so quickly didn’t bother me, I would by lying, of course it did. It’s not easy watching the person you know disappearing by the day, but dwell on this, let it effect you, and you are wasting time instead of concentrating on what’s important. Getting better is all that matters and that means movement and strength not what you look like in the mirror, sorting that out can wait.

P.s. thanks for the advice I have received from people regarding vitamins etc to help supplement my diet whilst in hospital. Here’s a list of what I’m currently taking and why, any more advice is welcome… – Multi vitamin – general health

– Vitamin D – lack of natural light

– Cherry active – bladder health

– Powdered greens – general health

– Collagen – bone density

– Omega 3/6 – blood pressure

– Electrolytes – ” “

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