Day 39

Play with it

The spasms are at their most prolific in the mornings. A yawn and a stretch will often spark a wave of tension running from my back into my legs, sometimes followed with some vibrating for a few seconds. As my right leg improves the spasms get less frequent, in fact now they are almost entirely favouring the weaker left side. The spasms aren’t painful, in fact they would sometimes prove quite pleasant, providing a brief respite to the mundane stillness of my left leg. Then a strange thing started to happen, I began being able to control the spasms. By tensing my stomach and shifting my weight a little, I could send a spasm rolling down my body. Although not strictly under my control, it was such a relief to feel those dormant muscles kick into life again.

Pete had been saying for a few sessions that he could feel activity in the left leg, the problem was I couldn’t see or feel a thing, so was finding it hard to believe him. Not having any sensory feedback in terms of joint position or movement was proving a difficult hurdle to overcome and the faith was being tested. Then all of a sudden something happened, I bloody felt something fire in my left quad didn’t I! A huge sense of excitement rushed through me, followed immediately by nervousness. Was that real? Was that me or was it a spasm? Pete’s reaction was the typical I told you so but I needed another retest. Sure enough there it was, a flicker of hope had now developed into a push and my left leg was now officially alive!

I honestly didn’t care how many hours, months, years of graft this was going to take, the only thing that bugged me was the uncertainty of where the story ends. Well I can tell you that I always hoped, but now I truly believe that this is possible, one day I will walk again, just try and stop me! πŸƒπŸ»βœŒοΈ

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