Day 43

Moving on

Woke up to big news this morning, I am being shipped off. A bed had opened up at the specialist spinal rehab unit in Odstock and Im off first thing tomorrow. Although recognised as one of the leading centres in the country, to be honest I have mixed emotions about leaving. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it.’ I realise that’s a ridiculous thing to say considering I’m broken and would quite like to be fixed, however apply it to my current rehab program and the progress I am making and I feel it makes perfect sense. Pete, Wyn and I have hit a groove, we understand each other now. Pete sets the boundaries but then lets me push them, sure it may seem a bit bold to some but the proof is in the pudding… probably a tiramisu or some sort of biscotti.

Along with the apprehension, there is a feeling of excitement. The fact that I’m moving house and don’t have to deal with furniture for example is exciting. Getting to play with all the toys at a top spinal unit is exciting. They have a big garden and the weathers good next week, exciting. In all seriousness I am looking forward to working with such a respected group and pushing things on to see what we can manage next. There’s also a lot more to this recovery malarkey than just intensive physio, I still have plenty to learn about managing myself and I’m hoping that this next phase will give me all the skills I need to finally go home and have a beer, I mean go home.

I am coming away from the RUH with about six adopted mums, two brothers, twelve Filipino cousins and a Godfather so it’s been a busy month. Mandy, thanks for threatening to clip each one of my mates around the ear. Lorraine I’ll keep hold of that belly button fluff (don’t ask). Sharon, I won’t say what you said, and Andy don’t have too much fun in Thailand πŸ‘€. Pete, Wyn, you know what you’ve done already, I’m not going to thank you yet because we’re not done!… I’ll miss all you bonkers lot but I’ll be back in as soon as I get home, behave yourselves. 😘

Oh and look mum, no hands!✌️

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