Day 44


Gazing up through the window of the ambulance at the bright greens and blues of British summer, I couldn’t help but contemplate what I might be up to if it wasn’t for my minor altercation with the bottom of a pool. Its now officially holiday season for rugby players and my social media has been full of people having way too much fun without me. I don’t think it has been recognised medically yet but I’m pretty sure I’m riddled with FOMO. For those of you ain’t street enough to be familiar with the term, it means ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ and the struggle is real. To be honest it isn’t necessarily bad, I’m using FOMO for motivation, even so, I think my ‘off season’ is probably going to be a little different this year.

After an hour and a half on the road listening to Dave the drivers ‘Faces’ album, I arrived at Odstock and was taken straight to a side room to start observations. It clearly wasn’t their first rodeo because in the space of four hours I’d had three x rays, two ultra sounds, one ASIA test, been measured for a chair by a physio, and met the consultant. Fair play they were bloody efficient, but with efficiency comes rules. I completely understand the reason they are being cautious, it’s their job, I’m new, and they need to suss my limitations out. This doesn’t make it any less frustrating though. Going from sat out in the chair all day, to back in bed being repositioned every three hours is a tough one to get your head around. Maybe I had it a bit easy in Bath, actually I almost certainly did, but it took time. They learnt to trust me because I didn’t take the piss too much (queue photo of dog on chair in consultants parking space) 😬. I just hope I can build some similar relationships here, actually I’m sure I will, I look forward to it. I can already tell there’s a community feel on the ward. This afternoon they had a barbecue in the garden and although unable to attend in my bed, I was very kindly brought a burger, sausage bap and a Cornetto. Looks like I’ll be back to 110kg before I know it.

Big day tomorrow exploring my new home, meeting some new faces and getting stuck into some more rehab, so better get my first 3 hours kip 😏

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