Day 47

Fast track

So I’m on the seating protocol which limits time allowed out in the chair. Starting from an hour, the time builds up each day until you get cleared for unlimited use. The reason is so that your pressure points and skin can be monitored in order to assure they can deal with sitting for longer periods. It’s an important process that needs to be adhered to because the last thing you want is a pressure sore and to be put back on bed rest. The issue is that I had already completed this process over a week ago in Bath and now I am having to do it again. Outside of my physio session I am able to use the gyms and other facilities to get on with my own rehab. This is great because I can crack on with what I have to do and get the hours in I need, however to facilitate that I need to be out in my chair. In fairness after a few chats the decision has been made to fast track me on the protocol but I still missed the gym slot this morning because I’m only allowed out for five hours today.

This issue highlights one of the major flaws in our health system, communication. I’m not entirely sure how it works but I was given a brown paper bag with my notes in to bring from Bath to here, I assumed everything was done electronically and these were just hard copies but apparently not. The first doctor I saw was surprised I could even move because the last report he had was from the outreach nurse who visited me in week one at Southmead! The recent cyber attack may have been to blame but even the attack itself highlights the issue. The reason the NHS was and is vulnerable is because it is running a Microsoft operating system that is over 15 years old. It’s not the staffs fault, they can only work with what they are given and at the moment they’re trying to fight Godzilla with a toothpick. The bottom line is the NHS needs the funding to upgrade its IT systems. Surely spending now would save not only billions of pounds but even some lives in the future. I’m not a politician but it all seems a bit doolally to me.

P.s. Just got back from my 5 hours in the chair 4 hours late 😬. Never could count very well πŸ‘€.

Lap time: 1:02 😳🏎. Monaco this weekend……

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