Day 48

Independence Day

This morning I transferred to the toilet and shower by myself for the second time. The first time was when I was two and was probably achieved with more grace but there’s no marks for style. Its a pass and with it another big chunk of my independence is wrestled back.

Kim has been put in charge of my physio here and seems not only nice but clued up, we have already had a couple more ticks in the win column….

1. After being electrocuted a few times we managed to spark that left hamstring into life…… might try plugging myself into the mains later, see if I can walk.

2. I managed to stand from my chair into the standing table which means I can now get on my feet outside of physio hours…. ‘ramping it up.’

Is it weird that I am actually quite enjoying myself? I imagine yes. Obviously there’s good times and rough times but on the whole, at the moment, I’m actually enjoying myself. I think it’s because everything I do is a test, going to the toilet, having a shower, standing on your own, it’s all a test of physical and mental resolve and the prize is a little more independence each time. You may not pass these tests every day because they’re by no means easy, but today I did, so I’m happy.โœŒ๏ธ

P.s. Just about to sit down with the fam for a picnic in the garden. Gonna try and get my brother in the chair to have a crack at the lap time. Obviously I’ll let the tyres down first.

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