Day 50

The great escape

I always assumed that hospitals were a 24/7, 365 entity, the reality is very different. Obviously A&E works around the clock as do the nurses on the inpatient wards but the majority of the hospital runs very much Monday to Friday / 9-5, with only skeleton staff holding the fort at night and weekends. A few times I have cruised around after hours and let me tell you hospitals in the dark are not a place for someone with a nervous disposition. Wheeling down corridors dimly lit by flickering security lights you half expect to turn a corner and be faced with a hoard of zombie doctors. I’ve always wondered how I would get on in a zombie apocalypse, probably not very well at the moment… Anyway, I digress, the issue is that the ‘skeleton staff’ very rarely has a physio in its ranks, especially on bank holidays. Pete always recognised the importance of continuity and persistence and unbelievably gave up some of his weekends to keep things going. Obviously I don’t expect that, but surely it’s important enough in SCI recovery for the NHS to invest in staffing physios at the weekends. * Get people better quicker = get people out of hospital + less recurring issues = save money…… 🤔*

The urge to get back to the real world was growing stronger and the time had come to act. I had a few visitors coming down and although not technically cleared yet, I told them to head straight for the pub. I’m not condoning rebellious behaviour 👀and if I thought it would effect my recovery I wouldn’t do it, but I needed this. After a weekend of nothing I had to take another step towards home whether it was supervised, authorised, sterilised or not. Lois and I had practiced a car transfer the day before incase this moment arose and after a short dash across car park 8 we were off. Granted I got a few funny looks in town for my storm trooper brace but sat at that table, enjoying a steak and a pint of bitter was the most normal I have felt in 7 weeks.✌️

P.s. Oh and we got stuck in the lift on the way back up to the ward. I couldn’t work out if we were rescued by firemen or strippers, but they did a good job 👩🏽‍🚒🔥

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