Day 52

Parallel Bars

We now have signs of life in the left foot, one of those illusive toes has started to wiggle. It’s small and sporadic but there’s definitely some messages now getting through to all four extremities. The discovery subsequently sparked a jumping up and down clapping celebration in Lois reminiscent of a 5 yr old being told they were going to Disneyland, amusing but warranted.

When Kim informed me that we were moving on to the parallel bars it was a bit of a shock considering I hadn’t done gymnastics since I was 6. Luckily however it wasn’t the Olympic discipline and I was now occupying the piece of equipment that will hopefully see me take my first steps. Obviously my left leg is still the issue. No power in the ankle, hip flexor or hamstring means that I can’t pick my foot off the floor to move it forward. Although frustrating, the fact that I had now started that walking motion really felt like a big milestone. I’m actually better going backwards than forwards, if I end up having to moonwalk everywhere it’s not the end of the world, could probably just move to shoreditch and pass it off as being edgy but we’ll see.πŸ‘“

P.s. A big shout out and thank you to Miss Mitchell and all of 6M at Oak farm junior school for the impressive, insightful and often very amusing letters. Reading them has really given me a boost in motivation, not only to keep working hard but also to improve my handwriting! In fact I can’t quite believe how eloquent yr6s are these days……. do any of you fancy editing my blog for me?

I will message Miss M directly to answer all your questions. ✌️

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