Day 54

Lazy Readers

I appreciate this will be of little relevance to most of you but I think it’s important I share this stuff. Over the last couple of months there have been a few things that I now can’t live without or at least have made the whole experience a hell of a lot better. Each week I want to share one of those things with you because they helped me and who knows they could help you to.

This funky pair of glasses were kindly donated way back in week 1 by an old mate from my Bath days. Guy is renowned for being a little bit odd, not in a bad or creepy way, he just seems to live outside of the box if you know what I mean. So when these strange looking things landed on my bed I should have known he had something to do with it. Initially I laughed at them, then I puzzled over what the hell they were for, now I am wondering why I had never heard of them.

Each lens contains a piece of mirrored glass to allow you to look down at 90degrees.

When your lying in bed unable to sit up all day you find yourself looking out of the bottom of your eyes at everything. Talking to people, reading books, watching television, staring out the window, all results in savage eye ache. Well not any more. They may make you look like a cross between someone welding and the crazy frog but my sore eyes are a thing of the past. I have literally used them every day, not only for reading, writing, eating, and freaking people out but they have also really helped with physio. The collar prevents me from looking down so without the glasses I wouldn’t have been able to see my legs and feet, making ‘staring and wiggling’ almost impossible.

God only knows why Guy owned a pair but I’m glad he did, cheers mate. โœŒ๏ธ

Lazy Readers – Read in bed while lying flat

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