Day 56

Horatios Garden

The garden is the brainchild of Horatio Chapel, the son of David Chapel a spinal surgeon here in Salisbury and Dr Olivia Chapel. Horatio volunteered on the spinal unit during his summer holidays and was quick to question why the patients didn’t have access to outside space. This spawned the idea of developing a garden. Horatio was tragically killed in a polar bear attack whilst on an expedition to Svalbard in Norway, aged 17, and his parents consequently decided that Horatios garden would be built. I had the pleasure of meeting David and Olivia the other day and what they have created with the help of some famous names of the gardening world is truly special. I have mentioned in previous posts about the importance of fresh air but the garden also offers a place to relax, socialise, reflect and some times race wheelchairs😬. Thanks to the sun I have spent more of my waking hours outside than anywhere else and I can honestly say that the garden can make the days not only bearable but enjoyable.

P.s. Set a new ‘blistering’ lap time… 48:30 🔥🏎🙈

P.p.s. There are some guys raising some much needed money for new equipment on Helena ward. Please take a look at their story and donate if u can…. I’m sure Pete and the team would be very grateful. ✌️


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