Day 57


Sooo here it is, the MRI of my neck taken at Southmead before the operation. I had been badgering the doctors for a while to see the scans because I wanted to get as good a grasp as possible on the details of my injury. I understand why people wouldn’t want to see their own scans, they can be pretty grim, however I figured the better I understand what has happened the better prepared I am moving forward.

The impact on the top of my head fractured and dislocated the C6 and C7 vertebrae, shattering the disk between them in the process. The spinal cord was impacted and partially crushed resulting in damage, swelling and spinal shock. After the MRI the decision was taken to operate immediately due to the cord still being under pressure.

Spending hours a day flirting around the most delicate tissue in the body with the most severe potential consequences, it’s quite unbelievable what these neuro surgeons are capable of. The three hour procedure involved removing the pieces of disk from the spinal column, relocating the vertebrae and fixing them in place with a titanium plate. All of which was managed through a small hole in my throat, in fact a disappointingly small hole. After all of that I was kind of hoping for a bigger scar to impress the grandkids.

You may look at this scan and think ‘wow how unlucky is it to brake your neck diving into a pool,’ fair enough. I look at this scan on the other hand and think, ‘bloody hell I got lucky,’ if the vertebrae had displaced half a cm more I would have most probably severed the cord and been looking at an entirely different ball game. It’s all about perspective, it’s all about how you see situations and life in general. Ask yourself, are you an unlucky or lucky kind of person? In my opinion the answer is that it’s entirely up to you, it’s just the way you look at it. ✌️

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