Day 59

No Diving

Finally it was time to get back in the water. The irony is not lost on me that I was now in a pool recovering from an injury sustained in a pool. I suppose I should be apprehensive about getting back in however I’m not poolist and this pool has never done anything to me so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt. In fact I was genuinely looking forward to it. Over the last couple of months I had heard a number of stories of progression that people had attributed to hydrotherapy. I have always loved water, swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, drinking, anything to do with water I enjoyed and felt comfortable doing. So even under the circumstances I didn’t feel anxious getting back in.

I was lowered in on a chair that looked like another one of the wards many torture devices, thankfully I wasn’t here for water-boarding and soon after breaking the surface I was stood up. The warm water and light limbs facilitated an ease of movement  that I hadn’t experienced for a while. After kneeling and working on my core in the shallow end I was off for a walk. The same problems were still apparent with the left leg but the water allows for a much better process and a chance to start trying to eliminate bad habits.

I have felt good for the rest of the day and really feel as though I can get a lot out of these pool sessions. Currently I am only scheduled for one session a week but Lois (my now pretty much full time physio) and I are going to go in during public hours to get extra work done.

I suppose it’s quite funny that despite playing ten years of professional rugby it was my old friend a swimming pool that did me in. You never know when, where, why or how these incidents occur, so it’s impossible to plan for them. You can’t spend your whole life wrapped up in bubble wrap, mainly because you would suffocate, but also it would be pretty boring. That said, diving into water is a common way to sustain serious injuries, I’m not saying don’t do it, just be careful. โœŒ๏ธ

P.s. My diving days aren’t over but feet first for now I think….

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