Day 63

Sunday strolling

It’s Sunday, the gym is closed and someone had taken the motormed from the resource room so there’s only one thing to do… find a decent roast. Although weekends can be frustrating on the rehab front they offer a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family and we’re lucky that we have such a nice place to do it in Salisbury. Getting off the ward is always nice, not only for a change of scenery but to push and test my limitations.

The ward is naturally designed for wheelchairs; lifts, toilets, ramps, widened doors, everything is adapted to make life in the chair as easy as possible. The real world on the other hand is very different. I never appreciated just how limited access can be when you’re in a chair until I went into town. Curbs, narrow doors, steps, things that I have never payed any attention to are all of a sudden challenging where I can and can’t go. I like a challenge and there is often a way round the obstacle but it does make life very difficult and I really have a new found appreciation of what people with mobility issues have to deal with. You can get different chairs, improve your wheelchair skills and have people to help but at the end of the day without two legs underneath you it’s quite amazing how much of the world becomes out of bounds. It shouldn’t be this way and some places are better than others, but it’s just the way it is and it’s just another reason to walk again. Anyway after a cracking roast and a coffee in the sun with  some good mates we had a happy Ed.

Back on the ward I have been upgraded from the 8 bed ward to a 4 bed with only me and Jeff occupying at the moment. Better views, quieter and less smelly are the main bonuses although to be fair I was actually sleeping ok on the 8 bed. As long as I have some earplugs and a t-shirt to chuck over my eyes I have discovered I can sleep just about anywhere which is proving a useful attribute. .

P.s. Working my way through your music suggestions, some absolute belters. πŸ‘Œ

P.p.s. Timed lap postponed until tomorrow due to overweight driver full of pork. 🏎

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