Day 64

Better out than in

Kim would probably have a heart attack if she saw this dodgy effort but in my spare time I have been doing a lot of work on my standing balance. Getting up there from the chair is a challenge as you can see, but as long as I can avoid a spasm in my left leg I am able to stand pretty well now unassisted. Because of this I have finally recovered the age old male advantage of the standing wee. Concentrating on aiming and not falling over at the same time adds an extra bit of spice to toilet time which I am weirdly enjoying. As well as going to the toilet, standing helps with transfers, reaching things, seeing over hedges, scaring people who haven’t seen you for a while and apparently farting 💨😂.

On a more serious note, I met Noel the wheelchair dealer today…. So it’s pretty clear now that I am going to need a wheelchair for some time, how long I don’t know but I will have to buy my own to take home. I have been doing some research, the choices are endless and not cheap! I know that I want a lightweight active chair that I can transport easily but obviously being a bloke I want a ‘cool’ one🙄. I know, childish, but if I’m going to be in one of these for a while I a) want a decent one and b) want to be able to do wheelies, is that too much to ask? The issue is wheelie practice can’t start until I have an active chair as the beast I’m in at the moment is both too heavy and has the turning circle of the titanic. If anyone has some advice on colour schemes, spoilers etc before I take the plunge, it would be well received.

P.s. Lap time 45:46…… improvements are slowing but still there…. I have access to a quicker chair but I used the ship for continuity 🏎🚢

P.p.s. Looks like some things don’t change… farts will always be funny 🙈

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