Day 66


So I have asked if it would be possible for me to go home for the weekend…. Before someone is discharged it is encouraged that they go home for a night basically to see how they cope, but as I hadn’t left the ward before today πŸ‘€there are a couple of things I have to check off before I can go.

❇️ car transfer

❇️ town trip

❇️ autonomic dysreflexia chat

❇️ OT home visit

❇️ permission from Consultant

So basically I am in a mad rush to get these things done before Saturday and today I had the opportunity to get the ‘official’ town trip done….

I got the chance to chat with a few people from ‘Back Up’ charity last week. It was only after speaking for a while that I realised it was the first time I had spent any length of time talking to someone who has been living with an SCI. I learnt more in that hour than I had done in the previous 9 weeks, not necessarily about my own injury but about the future. At the end of the day there’s no point wasting time dwelling on the past and meeting and talking to people who now lead such ‘normal’ lives despite their injuries is inspiring.

Today ‘Back Up’ were back in and I was back on my way into town, back. They were running a team challenge around town to help improve wheelchair skills. Although its difficult to get my head around spending time on anything other than getting myself walking again, I had to do it to be allowed home this weekend. Well now I’m really glad I went…. A lot of being out and about in the chair is confidence, giving things a go, not being afraid to ask for help. Today made me realise that although I’m not going to be climbing the clock tower, a lot of the limitations I put on myself, and actually with a little bit of confidence and technique they’re not actually limitations at all.

Although you may feel that engaging in things like wheelchair skills and town trips is accepting defeat, it isn’t, it’s interesting and worth it, if only to meet some of the great people who run these courses. ✌️

P.s. πŸ™ I can go home for the weekend please…

P.p.s. Back

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