Day 67


As you may have gathered I love dogs, obviously my dogs but pretty much any dogs and over the last few weeks my dog contact has been unhealthily low. In Bath I was spoilt as they allowed dogs on the ward, but unfortunately that’s not the norm. Here at Salisbury the dogs aren’t allowed on the wards or in the garden which means I had to go a few weeks without them. Thankfully now that I can get off site the dog therapy can restart. Molly (the boxer) I have had since I was 18 and she considers herself the no 1 woman in my life….πŸ‘€. Now 10 years old she has unfortunately undergone a couple of operations recently because she has cancer. She’s fit and happy but sadly her days are numbered so every week I spend away from her is doubly painful.

Barry my bulldog is 3 and is probably the strangest dog you will ever meet, but it suits him. He looks like what you’d imagine a goblin and a frog would spawn if they were to mate, but for some reason it works. I kind of rolled out of my chair onto the grass this afternoon without thinking. I just wanted to have a hug with the mutts but didn’t consider how I was going to get back up off the floor. There’s no better way to learn than give it a go but it didn’t look great to on lookers as I writhed around on the floor whilst Lois watched…. Anyway we got there in the end and now at least I know that if I take a nose dive I can get back in my chair.

It’s always sad to see the dogs go but it’s worth the time I get to spend with them. I’m so grateful that my family puts the effort in to facilitate it because in my opinion the best therapists are furry with four legs ✌️🐢

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