Day 74


Although I am undoubtably getting stronger the same issues are persisting. My left leg still has a lot of spasticity and I am yet to recruit any power in my ankle and very little in my hamstring or hip flexor. This makes it impossible to take steps without assistance which is starting to get frustrating. I know there’s more to it but it feels as though it’s only these two things standing in the way of me walking again.

At the moment we’re combatting the issue using FES with good results. It’s enabling me to walk with a more normal gait and consequently encourage more muscle memory to take over. Today I had the chance to work with a physio from Odstock Medical Ltd (the company that developed FES). With their expertise and after fine tuning a few things I managed to walk in the bars reasonably smoothly. I’m hoping I can wangle one to take home with me for the weekend.

Today I felt myself getting frustrated for the first time in a while. It just seems that things are moving so slowly now so I took my own advice and looked back through some footage from days/weeks ago. It really surprised me to be honest. Firstly how bad I was and secondly how far I’ve come. Obviously it’s frustrating but bloody hell, in week one and two I was just praying I would get some movement back in my arms and hands so that I could use a chair, now I’m frustrated that I can’t walk on my own….. yet.

Time to refocus on the small stuff and appreciate how lucky I am that I’m able to winge about my walking technique at all. Besides how can you stay in a bad mood when you’ve got a table full of pizza and the suns still out. ✌️

P.s. Wearing a collar in this heat makes you appreciate why scarfs are such a successful invention….. πŸ˜“

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