Day 75


I took a fall yesterday during physio. I was in a high lunge position when my left leg spasmed and crumpled underneath me. Kim leapt like a salmon to protect my head and neck and Lois glanced up from watching reality tv on her phone. Between us we saved any further spinal trauma and managed to keep up with who was getting voted off love island. Unfortunately however my knee didn’t escape unscathed. I knew I had fallen awkwardly over it and it was certainly sore but the extent of the damage was only clear this morning. A giant knee which I can’t put weight through is not ideal for rehab and having seen many of these injuries before I’m worried I may have done something a bit more substantial than sprain it.

I didn’t really want to accept it at first but after a very painful and sketchy transfer on to the toilet i made the decision to report it to the ward doctor. I have met a lot people who are very good at their jobs over the last few months but every now and again you stumble across someone outstanding. Someone you look at and think, yep, if I did their job that is exactly how I would want to do it. Well luckily the doctor on our ward is one of those people. Within a couple of hours of looking at my knee she had spoken to the radiographers about it, organised an x-ray and persuaded them to consider an MRI if it doesn’t improve. I know you may think that that’s just her job but you would be amazed how difficult it can be to get things pushed through unless you have someone diligent and organised like Anna. This isn’t the first time either, she just gets things done, and does it with a smile on her face.

Curve balls happen, that’s life. You can’t predict them and you start to wonder how many more can possibly come your way….As if rehab wasn’t tough enough and now this. I don’t know why and I don’t know who is testing me but bring it on, I’m ready for a fight.

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