Day 76

Resource of the week.

Extendable scratcher

There’s no two ways about it, the collar is a pain in the arse. Ironic that it’s saving your life but makes you want to kill yourself at the same time. For the first couple of months the collar and brace stay on 24/7, only to be removed by the nurses to quickly change the pads. Recently I was allowed to remove the chest and back brace and take the collar off when I am lying below 30 degrees. This felt like comparative heaven but it’s a pain having to go back to bed just to take the collar off. The main issue I have found with collars is over heating. Believe me I love the sun but heat is your worst enemy when your effectively wearing a big solid scarf.

At no point is the problem more apparent than on a warm night. For some reason most hospitals appear to feel that it is sensible to keep the heating on all year round… apparently as the RUH is so old it is cheaper to keep the heating on than turn it off in May and start it up again in September 🤔. Sleeping is hard enough but try doing it when you’ve got a sweaty itchy neck that you can’t scratch. I had resorted to wet towels on the head and was often found in the morning with pens and cutlery lodged in my brace. That was until my good mate Cyril Sneer (also known as Joe Simpson) bought me this marvellous contraption. A simple idea but I can’t tell you how much relief it has given me getting at those awkward spots behind the collar.

Can also be used for scratching legs and feet for sensory feedback…. and stealing people’s chips.

Anself Stainless steel Back Scratcher Massager Extendable 20-68cm Scratching Tool

P.s. I’ve made it home again for a boys weekend with dad and a few mates…. Can’t wait to watch my boy @elliotdaly carve up for the lions tomorrow morning. 🦁

P.p.s. Knee still not great… seeing orthopaedic surgeons on Tuesday… will know more next week.

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