Day 78


Time to wrap up another nice weekend at home and head back to hospital. Each time I come back it gets harder to leave, particularly as I am now only required in hospital for one reason….. I’ve shared with you the successes and frustrations on this journey and at the moment I am erring on the side of frustration. If you remember, a few weeks ago I had some issues when we removed the catheter, thats fine, it happens but the problems started when attempting to put the catheter back in. When Urology came, after every man and his dog had had a go, they resolved the issue and I was back to flip flow for what was supposed to be a about a week. All the while my sensation was improving and I was looking forward to having another go at finally getting rid of the catheter and subsequently going home. Urology came back and said that because of the complications last time, they wanted to perform a cystoscopy before we proceeded, again, completely understandable. What I’m struggling to understand however is why after originally being told a few days I have now been waiting nearly 3 weeks. It’s one thing not being able to go home but it is now obvious that the repeat catheterisations have caused some damage (I’ll spare you the photos). Because of the damage Urology where chased up by my consultant again and have said now that the earliest they could see me is the 18th of July!!

I don’t know what is going on and why no one can/will perform this simple procedure for me, all I know is that I feel caught up in something bigger and I’m helpless to do anything about it. I feel sorry for the nurses, doctors and other staff who struggle with the inefficiencies of the system but most of all I feel sorry for the people actually suffering at the hands of it. Somebody somewhere is waiting for my bed to start their rehab and they are having to delay their recovery as a knock on effect of my situation. That doesn’t sit well with me.

P.s. Sorry for a rant on a Sunday…. Hope you’ve had a good weekend and everyone who’s been at Glastonbury isn’t feeling too rough….. Oh and don’t turn your back on your chair when Molly is about πŸ™„βœŒοΈ

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