Day 83

Settling in

I’ve spent most of the day by myself and it’s been bliss….. I’m quite a sociable person and I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that I have rarely been alone over the last few months but it feels like I have finally got some of my own space. In hospital you have days when they’re are no visitors and the ward seems quiet but you are never really on your own, there’s always a doctor, nurse, cleaner, zombie, patient or the like lurking somewhere nearby. I suppose I never really valued personal space until I didn’t have any. This afternoon I found myself sitting and staring out over the mendips in contemplation and as I let myself get lost in my thoughts my mind centred on one thing…. food.


Luckily my step mum (Sue) got home and offered to take me up to the local cafe for a late lunch. She decided that it would be a good idea to go on foot (and wheels) to get some fresh air but I don’t think she contemplated how steep the hill was or that although considerably lighter than usual I was still considerably heavier than your average human. The result was an extra fitness session for her which clearly I helped her through with some motivating words…. Obviously we got a lift home, apparently there’s only so much motivation a step mother can deal with on a Thursday. πŸ™ƒ

I’m off to Hobbs rehab centre tomorrow morning to check out where I will be investing a lot of time over the coming weeks. Im also sneaking in a cheeky hydro session before I head to Cardiff for a charity cricket match which I will tell you more about tomorrow.

P.s. Think I might just have to wicket keep. πŸ€”

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