Day 84

Back over the bridge

I don’t really now where to start with this one…… it’s been an amazing, emotional day……

I was thirteen when i first met Tom. It was the school scholarship day and it took all of twenty minutes throwing cricket balls at each other to realise that we were going to get along just fine. Tom was funnier than me, more attractive than me, better at sport than me and a better bloke than me, so I’m not really sure why I used to hang around with him actually…. From Austria to Australia, we spent the best part of a decade having fun and causing trouble around the world together, so when he was tragically taken from us in the summer of 2012 it proved tough to comprehend.


Tom was a rising star in the world of cricket and The Tom Maynard Trust was set up following his death to help support aspiring sportspeople to reach their potential. Every year the TMT hosts a charity cricket match at st Fagans CC, where Tom played as a kid. It’s always a great day and a chance to catch up with Toms family who I am still very close to. Obviously, due to unforeseen circumstances this year it looked unlikely that I could make it; but with a bit of luck and some more help from Sue we got there, and i couldn’t think of a better occasion for my first day trip.


Some of you may have realised some family friends of ours have unbelievably offered us tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in NYC next month!! πŸ€™πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜³They have now started a crowd funding page to help pay to get us there and today the TMT offered to make up the difference to make sure it happens. I’m not good in situations like this and how the hell do you begin to thank people for gestures like that…..unbelievable.

I am truly blessed to have the friends and family that I do, past and present. I have no doubt that Tom has been helping me through the last few months… Your always on my mind pal, love you loads 😘.

P.s. As if we’re going to NY to see Fleetwood Mac… if I didn’t still have a catheter in I would probably have wet myself with excitement. πŸ•Ί

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