Day 85

Working it out

Another weekend winds down in the mad house but this time I don’t have to head back to hospital 😎. Instead I’m sat in the sun, listening to jazz with the old man who is wearing a typically shocking Sunday shirt. I realise that has absolutely no relevance to spinal rehab but you should see it…. it’s the kind of thing you would make a stag wear. Anyway, i love a bit of jazz and have actually played the saxophone sporadically since I was a kid. All of that is on hold at the moment because of these flimsy excuses for hands but I’m hoping it can become useful in due course, breath control, dexterity etc. Padre is also a lot better than me so would be nice to try and make up some ground him whilst I’ve got a bit of time.🎷

After two hours of graft with Pete and Wyn I’m actually enjoying a sit down. Currently we’re trying to get some more action in the hip flexor and working on single leg standing balance which is all integral for walking. I am now able to stumble around the house on crutches when the FES is attached but I’m struggling to straighten the left leg. As a result it looks like I’m just trying to stalk people… Its amusing but realistically it needs to stop so that I don’t pick up too many bad habits, or give someone a heart attack.

The schedule is starting to take shape with the aim of getting in 3-4 hours hands on a day with my own extra work on top.  I am lucky to have access to some great physios and Im discovering more and more around the house to challenge myself. From trying to climb across the sofas to balancing on one leg in the toilet, almost anything can be manipulated to your advantage with a bit of thought.

Rehab comes in many forms and there’s always something that can be done. Just remember that rest is just as important…. but only when you need it. πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

P.s. The bald patch is another result of that lovely collar I was wearing.


P.p.s. 🦁

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