Day 86

Good Busy

There’s two types of busy, bad busy and good busy. Bad busy is when there’s 20 minutes until guests arrive and the dog has just eaten all of the canapés. Good busy is having to cancel the dinner party because the Swedish beach volleyball team need a new masseur….. Seriously though, at the moment good busy to me is finishing the day thinking that there isn’t much more that I could be doing. We’re not quite there yet but things are starting to come together now and my week is starting to look pretty full.

The key is to now settle in to a routine that’s going to push my limits and hopefully yield some results. I am trying to follow some guideline research from the US that suggests that particularly younger people with SCI’s benefit from more intensive rehab, especially in the early stages. This still isn’t the general consensus in the UK and until recently the opposite was actually commonly accepted, with twelve weeks bed rest not uncommon. I’m very lucky that privately I have access to some top physios who all seem to compliment each other. I realise that this is a luxury that not everyone has and I am very grateful to the individuals and charities that have made it possible so far. Whether this method proves effective in the long term only time will tell, but I believe it’s good being good busy. ✌️


P.s. As you can see I still have the hand writing of a 4 year old but at least now it’s legible. #gains

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