Day 88

Back to school

Lois is still in NZ until Sunday so my mate Rich has taken a few days to come and fill in as my girlfriend, a role that he slips into seamlessly. Headed back to Salisbury Hospital for a Urology appointment…. Catheter is in for another month and I have an infection πŸ‘. In the great scheme of things it’s a minor issue and the consultant actually advised that drinking beer will help the bladder so could have been a worse visit. It was strange being back on the ward and even though it’s only been a week it felt as though I hadn’t been there for months. I suppose in my head I’ve moved on from that stage of my recovery, not because it was a negative experience but because I’m trying to focus on what’s in front of me. Anyway the trip gave me a chance to catch up with my mum and auntie for lunch and start my bladder rehab.🍺

Had a good session with Pete this evening trying to improve the fluidity of my walking. It’s still getting better but I am very right side dominant because of the weaknesses in my left side. Pete brought a new gadget to help with foot drop which proved useful but I’m still hip hitching to get my leg through. Squaring myself up and improving the strength in my core is so important to being able to walk with a more normal gait and I have been doing some good work with both Pete/Wyn and Amy at Hobbs to improve that element. .

Although it looks as though it should be able to fire lasers or bend metal the glove isn’t as exciting as it looks. It’s main function is to help open my hand into extension, something I have been struggling with. It’s early days but despite the disappointment over the lack of weaponry I am already starting to see some results. Message me if you want further info. ✌️

P.s. Just finished the last session of the day and my stand in girlfriend has cooked up a storm. You better come home quick Lois, I could get used to this.πŸ˜‰

P.p.s. What a day! 🌞

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