Day 92

Old faces

Lois got back from New Zealand yesterday and we’re all happy about it, mainly because she brought most of the chocolate in the Southern Hemisphere with her. I have never been a big chocolate man but then again I had never tried Whittakers before… by Jove that stuff is dangerous. Thought I’d try a square with a cup of tea last night, got distracted and half the bar disappeared south 👀. Luckily I’m now getting some extra upper body work done at home so can finally start to negate some of the results of my new found chocolate fetish. Granted I have the one rep max of a three year old… a weak three year old…. with no arms…. but at least it’s a start.

Pete and Ceri managed to get me on a spin bike on Saturday which was a good feeling…. until it came to getting off. I got a bit excited that I was back in a position to potentially get a sweat on and clearly went a bit hard. By hard I mean that I did twelve minutes rather than ten but the result was a shocked left quad that was shaking like the proverbial defecating dog and continued to do so for 48 hours. It has since stopped vibrating but it rendered me chair bound for most of the weekend which has had some knock on effects, one of which is some increased spasticity today. Im now struggling with worse extensor spasms in my left leg which is crippling my gate, bloody frustrating because I felt like I was making good progress but I’m sure we’ll get on top of it.

I am settling into a normal routine now and I’m pretty much flat out from 8-8 with the odd hour of downtime in between. Because of the hectic schedule it’s good to have the ball and chain back to make it all work…. and relieve some of the heat from the rents. ✌️

P.s. Ceri is a mate and physio from my Wasps days. Luckily he’s now at Bath so around to lend a hand…… Another wizard added to the squad and don’t be deceived, being short and bald makes him more streamlined.

P.p.s. Just finished watching the Nadal match…. ready for bed after that 😲…. what a game… ❤️Wimbledon

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