Day 94

Hook me up

A good day today started at Hobbs this morning with an hour of work on my hand with an OT. She confirmed that although it needs a lot of work there is plenty of scope for improvement and we are working towards putting together a more stringent schedule. I have probably been neglecting the hand a bit. It’s easy to forget about the smaller things when your concentrating so hard on walking. Its strange to describe recovering movement in your hand as a small thing and to be honest even though it may be technically less important, there is no reason to leave it behind. This applies to rehab as a whole; of course you want to spend as much time as possible walking but without the hours of balance/core/proprioception work etc you would be fighting a losing battle. You would see it all the time in rugby; everyone wants to do beach weights and look good but without the strength and stability groundwork people just end up injured. The boring stuff is there for a reason and there’s no cutting corners when your independence is on the line.

Ceri came over this evening to try electroacupuncture on me. He assured me that he tried it on himself first and lived to tell the tale. I didn’t believe him but he was so excited about turning me into Frankenstein I had to let him give it a go. Electroacupuncture for SCI basically involves sticking needles in neural points in your hands and feet then passing electrical currents through them. I won’t bore you with the science behind it (basically because I don’t have a clue), but there is some good research behind it which I have added a link to at the bottom. I survived and we’re going to give it a go a few times a week moving forward…. I’m excited to see the results. ✌️

P.s. Talking about results, we got the mutts back yesterday and Molly is straight into PT duty spotting me for some neck and core work. What would I do without her. πŸ™„πŸ’ͺ🏻


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