Day 107

Flicking the bean

I have been working hard recently on the left hand which is really struggling with finger extension. With the use of my wrist Im able to open and close my hand and grip things, so it’s functional, but that is part of the problem. My brain has already found alternative motor patterns as a way round my issues making it even more challenging to strengthen my hand in its normal range of motion. Because my left hand didn’t move for two months the muscles and tendons have become very tight, this combined with the issue of night spasms have resulted in my hand starting to claw. So the problem is that my extensors are firing but are too weak to overcome the clawing and tightening of the flexors. Anyway I’m babbling on but long story short, Ceri spent an hour trying to rip the tendons out of my forearm and pull my fingers off, painful, but the release has basically reversed the clawing. I am also working through a hand program of:

– FES stimulation on the forearm

– Temperature sensation work

– Dexterity by picking up different objects, unscrewing lids, flicking beans etc

– Writing and drawing

On top of this, I try and remember to use it as much as possible with every day tasks. As it is my non dominant hand this can often result in tea on the floor or a fork in the eye but things are starting to improve. The muscles involved are tiny and the gains are small and slow but with this, like most rehab, persistence is key.

The human body is very good at finding ways around its weaknesses but if you allow it to take unnecessary shortcuts it will only leave you with more issues further down the line. Be diligent and flick the bean.โœŒ๏ธ



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