Day 115


Well I’m back and I’m sat on the sofa wondering if it all really happened. From a pipe dream to mission accomplished in six weeks, it’s fair to say that it’s all been a bit of a blur. It was a blur of food, sunshine, challenges, traffic, people, friends and one hell of a gig. In fact I’m glad we took the go pro or I’m not sure I would’ve believed it.

You may have noticed from earlier posts that Fleetwood Mac have had a special part to play in my recovery. They offered me islands of serenity and escape when my mind started wandering down darker paths. Rumours and Tango in the Night could often be heard drifting down the corridors from my room in intensive care so to be sat 10 feet from the stage as the chain kicked off the concert was surreal to say the least. I couldn’t believe that I was literally living a dream I’d had 6 weeks before and trust me it didn’t disappoint. Not many bands sound genuinely better live than they do recorded, I didn’t think it was possible for FWM to be any better but they were, amazing considering most of them shouldn’t even be alive….. Well if it wasn’t true before It is now confirmed that I have an unhealthy obsession with a rock band that could be my grandparents, and why not. 🀘

It’s hard to quantify what the whole weekend meant to us. It was a massive learning curve, a tick on the bucket list, another step towards normality and 5 more kg on the waist… I can’t thank everyone who made this possible enough, I love you all…. Rumours have it Dreams do come true. 🎢✌️

P.s. Video creds @loisrideout8 πŸŽ₯🎞


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