Day 120

Muscle Memory

After a busy couple of weeks it was nice to have a quiet weekend at home and a chance to catch up on some rest. New York was an awesome experience but it took its toll. After we landed I was straight back into physio and for the next few days you could have mistaken me for a narcoleptic, spending every minute outside of rehab asleep. By the weekend however I had returned to the land of the living so it was time to get back in the gym.

I overdid the first attempt on the spin bike which kicked off my extensor spasm and took a couple of weeks to undo. Even so, Pete was keen to get me back in the saddle. Saturday mornings session therefore consisted of fine tuning on the bike and having my first go on the rowing machine. As a result of so many dark moments in pre season training camps the thought of watt bikes and rowing machines usually brings with it a cold sweat and a dull sense of nausea. However strangely, having spent some time apart, I kind of miss them. I used to cycle and row quite a lot and this is one of the main reasons that Pete thinks that they will be beneficial for my recovery. It all comes down to muscle memory, doing things that used to come naturally to you and hoping that it encourages your nervous system to just click back into action. As both exercises are symmetrical the idea is that my more damaged left side will subconsciously follow the more responsive right side as messages are sent bilaterally down each. The other benefit of course being that I can get some more vigorous exercise done, not only to start shifting some of the cheesecake but to help stay sane.

The session was a success and after a bit of fine tuning i am now able to use both the bike and the rower. I just have to be careful to not over do it again and kick off the problems we had before. It’s slow and no where near full extension but it’s a start and it’s so good to be back doing something familiar and doing it relatively normally.

P.s. About six weeks before the accident I set a PB for 2k on the rower of 6:25….. Currently I would be overtaken by a pedalo but even so I have set myself a target to one day beat that time. πŸ˜°πŸš£β€β™€οΈ



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