Day 123


Pete admitted the other day that I make him nervous, he doesn’t get nervous. I mean he’s probably ‘whacked’ a few people in his mafia days so for me to be able rattle his cage is interesting 🐴. It usually stems from him suggesting that we might try something in a few weeks time and me immediately forgetting the ‘few weeks time’ bit and setting off to try it straight away. This happens quite regularly but we are all learning to trust each other’s judgement and to be fair I get a lot more yes’s than no’s when I ask to try something. The hill climbing is a combination of the two; Pete suggested we try it soon, I said now, he said ok. It was a bit of a gamble as the drive is very steep and there was no way Pete and Ceri could push me back up it if my legs decided they didn’t fancy it. Although my form is all over the shop i actually found the process reasonably comfortable. I like walking up hills, don’t ask me why, I always have and I’m sure it will prove key as a strength building exercise in due course. 🏔

A lot of my sessions are swinging from that fine tuning neuro physio to have more of a strength and conditioning element. This means that as well as neurological fatigue I’m also starting to experience some real muscular fatigue as well, making recovery even more important. My diet, power naps, balancing of sessions and a lot of coffee are the only reason I able to still get the volume i want in each day. There is obviously place for both fine tuning and more intensive endurance work. Luckily between the work I’m doing at Hobbs’s and the stuff I’m doing at home I’m confident that we are covering all the bases in those departments as the progress continues.

I’m increasingly lucky to have access to not just some top professionals but some great people as well. They are all different, they all compliment each other and we all have a laugh. Surround yourself with positive people, people you like, people you respect, people you can have a laugh with and the whole thing just seems that much easier. ✌️

P.s. Has anyone got any suggestions re coffee near bath….. Preferably a bean delivery service as I’m not driving yet… thanks ☕️👍


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