Day 125

The good, the bad & the ugly.

I wanted to post these videos to highlight both the challenges I am facing with my walking and also the difference aids and technology can make.

Quick breakdown ….
My hip flexor is actually firing quite well now but as you can see it doesn’t matter as i still can’t dorsiflex my foot. The result is I have to hip hitch quite aggressively to get my leg through. Foot drop is actually quite common and as a result many aids have been developed to help correct it. These range from orthotics to FES devices, with some being temporary fixes and others being more permanent solutions. At the moment I am using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to correct my foot drop. The plan is for this to be a temporary fix and as the process stimulates the muscles that I am trying to recruit, hopefully one day in the not to distant future they will take over by themselves. The weakness in my core and glutes on my left side makes it unstable as a stance leg and is the reason why I can walk better when I have the support of a crutch, a bar or a hand. I’m working hard on strengthening that area using a lot of banded leg exercises, yoga and pilates on top of my regular sessions. The lack of foot clearance is exaggerated by my inability to control my hamstring – quad relationship. I can unlock my knee quite well now but as soon as I try to pick my foot up the quads take over and push my leg straight again.

Technology and walking aids are great and maybe I will need them in some form in the future but for now they are just to assist my rehab and facilitate a more normal gate….

I know some of the videos recently have made it look as though I’ve made incredibly quick progress, and I have. However the truth is I’m still a very long way from where I want be. Spinal rehab is a marathon not a sprint and sometimes when it gets frustrating I need to remind myself of that. ✌️

P.s. Heading down to watch my brother play in Bath v Bristol pre season game later then off to Somerset v Glamorgan tomorrow… First weekend of sport for a while… hopefully catch up with a few old faces. πŸ‰πŸ

P.p.s. Thanks for the coffee tips β˜•οΈπŸ‘


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