Day 127

Back to the start

The last time I was in the costa coffee in Southmead hospital I was getting some funny looks. It might have been because I ordered whipped cream on an americano but more likely because I was lying in the cafe in an ICU bed and still hooked up to quite a few wires. I had been wheeled out for a change of scenery by a couple of the senior nurses and it seemed to draw quite a bit of attention. This time, no attention, no one bats and eyelid at a crutch in a hospital, I was normal, and it felt great.

I was back for my outpatient appointment with ‘the’ surgeon. I’ll never forget Mr Baruas face, peering down at me, reading me my rights that night before the lights went out. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what I would say to him when I saw him again. Well the truth is to start with I didn’t say much. What do you say to someone you don’t really know but in the space of three hours changed your life forever…? He broke the ice by simply smiling and saying, ‘well I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t expect this!’ I managed to refrain from the man hug or a fist bump and did the next thing any bloke would do; ask about the operation and if he could enlighten me on any gory details. There was a few that I will spare you but basically it all went to plan. He confirmed that during the operation he found a fragment of disk which had lodged itself in the left hand side of my spinal cord. This is synonymous with the symptoms I have been showing and in a way it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Seeing his reaction today really made me realise just how lucky I got and how close I was to this being a completely different story. Neil if your reading this I couldn’t really articulate it earlier but thank you…. thank you for making the decision to operate immediately, thank you for being so good at your job and most of all thank you for giving me a fighting chance. πŸ‘Š

Four months ago, lying in intensive care, I promised myself that I would walk back in here one day. Today, thanks to some amazing people, a bit of graft and a lot of luck I was able to keep that promise.✌️

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