Day 133

Off piste

Pete turned up on Friday in a woolly hat, hoodie and wellies. Now his dress sense can only be described as intriguing at the best of times, but something was particularly suspicious about this get up. I had a feeling it wasn’t just a new Italian fashion statement but there was a functional purpose behind Pete being dressed as a fisherman. I was right, no, unfortunately we weren’t fishing, we were however doing the next best thing, taking the dogs for a walk.

Up until about a week ago I had only walked on flat, hard surfaces. Then came the drive; steep but still firm under foot. Now I was about to navigate not only muddy hills and a wood but a bloody waterfall! None of which was planned of course, we were supposed to be going for a gentle stroll through a field but it seemed like a rational progression….👀. I’m not going to lie there was some sketchy moments where I came close to testing the structural integrity of my underpants but thankfully we came through the ordeal unscathed, muddy, but unscathed.

There is method behind the madness; the uneven surfaces not only allow me to practice my balance but help confuse my quads into letting go, breaking my extensor pattern. Personally I think everyone just found it funny watching me sliding around in the mud like a drunk ice skater but whatevs, I had fun, and best of all I can now start getting back to the great outdoors. ✌️🏕⛰

P.s. Had a great day @thepig_hotel yesterday for #smokedanduncut , now off to my mums in Oxford to continue celebrating Lois’s birthmonth 🙄

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