Day 165

Back to Helena ward

It was a bit strange walking down the hospital halls that I had previously only travelled in my bed. The whole place seemed bigger and busier than I remember, but I suppose it would from my new vantage point. I’d spent a month here in total and considering what had happened and the state of disrepair I was in, I can honestly say that I enjoyed most of my time. Granted the stay wasn’t void of incident and obviously without trying to dramatise it I still tell the tales of; ‘the night of a thousand catheters’ and ‘the table of doom’ to whoever wants to listen. However, even though both are great stories, on their own they don’t offer a fair representation of what was otherwise a brilliant stay.


If Helena ward was on @Airb&b my review would probably read something like:

***** – 5 stars ‘Despite suspect first impressions moulded by the tired exterior and retro colour scheme, there is a wonderful homely feel to the property. After a few days I realised that this has nothing to do with the decor and everything to do with the hosts. Helpful, informative and often hilarious, it was the people of Helena Ward that made my stay such a memorable one. From funny Italian physios to belly button fluff enthusiasts, all you’re needs are catered for on Baths premier Neuro ward.’

(I almost added at the end that I would highly recommend a stay here to everyone, but seeing as you have to incur quite a serious neurological condition first it probably isn’t appropriate.)


It was great to catch up with a few of the dysfunctional family today. You guys truly made all the difference during a very challenging time in my life. Mad love. ✌️❤️

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