Day 173


Mark (the hand specialist I have been working with) held a hand clinic today at the RUH which I volunteered to be a guinea pig for. Three leading hand consultants were imparting their wisdom on a large group of physios and OTs looking to fine tune or broaden their knowledge in that area.

The hand is one of the most complex pieces of natural engineering in the human body. It gives us a powerful grip but also allows us to manipulate small objects with great precision. This versatility sets us apart from every other creature on the planet. My hands are both affected quite badly by the accident but especially the left. It has some muscles yet to innovate and is currently running at about 5% strength which means I’m still unable to do much with it. That being said, we’ve been working hard and both hands are definitely improving. It’s certainly another one of the slow processes but I have no doubt that I’ll be back losing at fifa soon enough.

The complexities of the hand are why it has its own specialists, and as a specialist Mark always explains to me in great detail what, why and how different muscles, nerves and movements in my hand are effected. He might as well be speaking Japanese half the time but I genuinely do find it fascinating. I have learnt a huge amount over the last six months and have really enjoyed educating myself on the different aspects of my injury. I’m sure a lot of the physios and consultants get fed up with me asking questions half the time but I feel that the more I understand the practicalities of my condition then the better equipped I am to deal with it.

Physiotherapists don’t always get the credit they deserve for the amazing work they do, so it was a pleasure today to help out where I could. (Besides I learnt a lot and the cake was good). 👍✌️🍰

P.s. Baz likes to add a little bit of pressure to my grip strength exercises. ‘If you drop it, I kill it.’

P.p.s. Pete – I met a young Physio called Chris today who’s keen to get himself up to Helena ward and do some work with the bandits. Had a good feeling about him, any chance you could hook a brother  up….? 🇮🇹🐴⛑👨‍⚕️

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