Day 188

Down time

I have never really got to grips with the concept of a day off. I understand what they are and why they exist, I’m just not very good at them. On the much needed days off during pre season, I could often be found at the top of a mountain with the dogs, getting lost on my bike, or trying to beat JT’s ergo times in the gym. I would then spend the next two days at training wondering why it felt like I was running around in concrete wellies. I knew where I was going wrong, I knew that the best thing, the most professional thing to do would have been to get my feet up for the day, but I just couldn’t hack it, it’s just not me. The ability to know when to stop and switch off is more important now than ever. It had taken me 28 years and I still didn’t fully understand my body, now I was having to start over with a new, very temperamental and confused version. Discovering your limitations is often a case of trial and error, but the more you understand them, the more productive you can be. There is definitely a tipping point where the work you’re doing starts to become counter productive. Increased spasms and tone are usually the sign that I’ve overcooked it, so striking a balance between reps and rest is vital, and something I am still getting to grips with. It’s counterintuitive that doing nothing could be more productive than doing something but sometimes that really is the case.

Last week I felt myself starting to burn out, i felt run down and actually got quite ill. I think my body was telling me to ease off, so we’re in Spain this weekend doing exactly that. Its not all sun and sangria, I’m still managing to get some rehab done in between, but it’s very low key and feels like the first time I’ve really been able to relax in six months. ✌️

P.s. Thanks to the lovely Leslie for putting up with us so far and it was great to meet all the Duquesa gang last night… Looking forward to coming back already. ☀️🇪🇸


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