Day 196


As I lay on the sofa contemplating a fabulously gluttonous weekend with our favourite foodies Billy & Anna, it struck me that I may finally have my old appetite back. It’s no secret that the food bill in our house fell by 95% when I was in hospital,(although to be fair I think Lois lived on Chocolate for three months, most of which was intercepted on the way to my hospital bed…😏.)

‘He’s a bit tired, I’ll pass them on to him later 👀’.

I suppose when food is liquidised and administered via a tube through your nose then it becomes slightly less appealing. The first couple of weeks saw me only able to force a few hundred calories of baby food down a day, and this combined with almost complete immobility resulted in a chassis Montgomery Burns would have been embarrassed by. I didn’t make a conscious effort to eat less when I was in hospital, but through a combination of a shrunken stomach and inactivity my appetite had deserted me. In fact, I would force food down as I was conscious that my body was trying to heal and nutrition would play a big part of that. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t eating much crap, the odd chocolate digestive would go south but thankfully I don’t really have a sweet tooth (good job as not much chocolate made it as far as the bed due to circling, opportunist rugby players). On top of the hospital food, my mum and Lois would make sure that the ward fridge was well stocked, but I was by no means eating vast quantities.

People tend to focus on nutrition when they are trying to shift the Christmas  turkey or have recently booked into #oceanbeachmarbella , but the importance in regards to recovery is often overlooked. I will always try and get the nutrients I need through food but naturally this wasn’t always possible in hospital, so I would supplement others (DM me for more info). It is easy to let the basics slip when there’s so many other medications, recovery techniques and therapies going on, but a simple thing like eating enough can have just as big an effect on recovery.

Now I’m at home I try to keep the quantity high as well as the quality, a job made a lot easier by having a dad and fiancé both obsessed with cooking. I’m a big believer in locally sourced, ethically produced food and on Saturday Billy and I went on a brilliant pig butchery course @valehousekitchen . As well as the different cuts, cures and cooking techniques, it was good to learn about the process behind the meat we eat. At one point, whilst I was wielding a clever, it looked as though my hand rehab may be cut short but thankfully I escaped with all of my fingers 🤙. We then returned to an early Halloween feast cooked by @loisrideout8 and onto Sunday lunch by the boss.

Well it’s safe to say i’ve put two of those stones I lost in hospital back on, and although I’ve still got a long way to go to catch up with @bigbaldchef , I’m well on the way to being back at my fridge emptying best….🐷

P.s. Anna oozes class and has impeccable taste, but good news, you can now just copy her and pretend you do too… @annamossliving …..

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