Day 202


I can’t believe it’s been pretty much a week since my last post. If I had any worries about being idle during this unemployed period of my life, they have now been unequivocally quashed. Not a single tv series, film, or game of fifa has been entertained in the last six weeks, and long may it continue.

As I’ve said before; busy is good. The strength and stamina continue to improve, so I have increased my workload by adding in an extra walking and gym session a week. My typical week day is currently running 8am – 8pm with a couple of hours off during the day to sleep and eat. It usually consists of about 3 hours of work with therapists and 3-4 hours of gym, stretching, hand and sensation work by myself. I’m going to film a ‘behind the scenes’ full day soon so you can get a better idea of what a typical day consists of.

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new toy…. This is an AFO and a bulldog, not to be mistaken with a UFO. The ‘ankle foot orthotic’ can’t fly and doesn’t bother the Men in Black, but it does help me walk. It stores kinetic energy in the carbon fibre, which in turn springs my dropped foot off the floor and allows me to take a step. The benefits are that I now don’t have to totally rely on electronics (FES), and I seem to be able to access a little more knee bend. On the other hand, i had to borrow Quasimodos’ trainers to fit it in, and I now only seem to be able to walk uphill. 🤔 Me and Baz aren’t totally convinced yet…. Its a work in progress.

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