Day 206


Yesterday Lois and I found ourselves back at our old school. We had been invited to speak to some of the sports scholars and share a few stories from an eventful 2017. Stepping into the dining room and back in time. It felt like yesterday that I was In there with my mates stealing extra puddings or playing fives to start food fights. Not much had changed except everyone seemed a lot younger now, and somehow I had ended up sitting on one of the teachers tables. Ok, I’m no spring chicken anymore, in fact, my old first team coach kindly pointed out that a lot of the kids in the room weren’t born when I joined the senior school🙄. As I stood in the lecture hall and stared out at a diverse sea of fresh faces I knew exactly what they were thinking… ‘bloody hell what’s this bloke gonna yap on about now, I’m missing lunch.’ I know because I’ve sat where they are and thought the same thing. My doubts however were usually misguided and I hope the same can be said for everyone who came to listen yesterday.

I also had the chance to catch up with a few individuals that played a huge part in my life during those formative years. Past teachers and house parents that could be held largely accountable for the suspect character I am today. 😉

My weekly routine of physio, gym, yoga and naps has now started to be interspersed with charity work and a few talks. The whole public speaking thing is completely new to me but I’m finding it very rewarding. The more I think and talk about what has happened, the more I realise how much I have learnt because of it. Not just about myself, but about how to be a stronger, happier and more rounded person. It’s amazing what adversity can teach you as long as you keep you’re eyes open. ✌️

P.s. Off on some ‘alternative rehabilitation’ in the form of a stag doo tomorrow… 🙈😬🤞

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