Day 212

Back to reality

So I survived the weekend in Zagreb… Apart from chasing the stag down the high street trying to pull his dress off, the only thing that I couldn’t participate in was the paintballing. On reflection I probably could have played my part as some sort of invincible zombie boss seeing as getting shot wouldn’t hurt ….☠️.

Im not going to lie, the weekend proved tough at times but was made possible with the help of my chief minder @souto100 and a group of good lads. It highlighted again how lucky I am to have some world class mates, however I can’t imagine that I will be afforded the same level of care and consideration on my own stag!

After a fun weekend it’s back to reality, and if I’m honest, reality at the moment is tough! I know it’s good to have a break now and again (if you can call a stag doo a break) but I can’t help getting a feeling of guilt bubbling up when I’m not rehabbing. I’m at a tricky stage, trying to unpick bad habits and compensations that have formed over the last few months. The only way to do it is to take a few steps back before you can move forwards again. I know it’s important but it’s hard to get your head around what feels like regression. I’m in a really difficult stage of rehab now and although I’m still motivated, frustration is at an all time high.

You might imagine that as time goes on it gets easier but to be honest it’s harder now than it’s ever been…. There’s a wall that needs knocking down, the frustrating thing is I can’t take a sledge hammer to it, instead I’ve got to pick it apart with a toothpick. 😤⛏🚧


P.s. Zagreb isn’t the most common Croatian destination but its Austro Hungarian charm combined with a mix of bars, cafes, parks and museums make it well worth a visit. lol

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