Day 218

Jedis & Leprechauns

I have hit a point in my walking where certain muscles in my left side are so functionally weak that there is no way forward without stopping and strengthening them first. This mean less time out on the roads and more time in the gym. I spoke before about the frustration of feeling like you are regressing, however I completely understand what we’re doing here, therefore I’m fine with it. The process of bulking up individual muscles is one that Ceri, being a sports physio, Pete with his weightlifting background, and Wyn, as a former pro wrestler, all have a lot of experience with… (two of those stats are true… but which ones.. 👻). I’ve also spent the last ten years trying, and usually failing to keep up with the ever increasing number of what can only be described as mutants now patrolling the pastures of world rugby. As a result I feel we’re all well equipped to take this hurdle head on, let’s just hope it’s not a high hurdle, otherwise we may need a stepladder for Ceri and Pete…
Sometimes however, hammering things in the gym isn’t enough. A lot of the problems I’m facing can’t just be solved by doing reps until they’re stronger, I have to wait and rely on the neurology gods getting on board as well. For example; I have enough strength to pull 16 stone Wyn across the floor with my left hamstring when I’m sat down, however when I’m standing, I can’t even make the muscle flicker 🤔. The challenge is different, it’s finesse rather than force, persistence over power. As well as the guidance of some very experienced people, retaking ownership of these neurological pathways will take the patience of a saint, the focus of a Jedi, and the luck of a leprechaun… so here’s to becoming Sheamus Skywalker the patron saint of rehab….. 🍀🙏🗡
P.s. No lightsaber emoji…. you’ve got to be kidding me…

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