Day 230

Day 230

Out on the water

Pete and Wyn are partial to a spot of Canoeing. I’m probably underplaying it a bit, they’re a bit more than partial. The lunatics actually take part in endurance canoeing events and have recently been accepted into a 1000km race down the Yukon river in Alaska. The race is next summer so the boys have started training regularly on the Avon in Bath. The idea of me joining a session has been toyed with for a while. Clinically it makes sense as it works my core and balance, two areas with lots of room for improvement. There was also the chance that I may get to work on my swimming….. 👀

I was in with Pirate Pete and my mate Murph was in with big Wyn. Getting in to the canoe was a little bit sketchy but once we got moving I found my feet pretty quickly, and we were off. We headed down stream to the weir in the middle of town and I had to fight back the urge to keep paddling straight and send us white water rafting. Im not sure Pete would have been too impressed but it would have been pretty funny. After an hour out on the water It was becoming tough to hold myself upright. My lower back and left hand side of my trunk were knackered, so we headed back in for an equally sketchy exit on to dry land.

We’re always trying to think of different ways to approach rehab and incorporate activities that may be a little more entertaining. The fact that the areas of my body that I need to work on were the areas that eventually gave up on me, just proves that we got what we needed. It was a good laugh and nice to see my hometown from a different perspective, I’m sure we’ll be out there again soon. ✌️

P.s. Why is everything more fun when there’s an element of danger…?

P.p.s. Enjoying listening to entire albums rather than playlists in the gym at the moment….. any suggestions would be much appreciated…. cheers. 💪🏼

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