Day 297

Ebbor Gorge

Snowden is only two months away and considering the generous donations that have been made it would be quite awkward if i didn’t make it to the top. Luckily Bath is surrounded by hills that are proving perfect for getting some miles into the scotch eggs and dragging back some stamina that my hospital bed stole from me. A couple of lengths of Lansdown Hill is certainly enough to get the heart rate going however I’m not sure there are any tarmac paths running up Snowden so it was time for some off road training.

Sue assured me that a little nature reserve perched on the edge of the mendip hills could offer the terrane necessary for a bit more of a challenge…. she wasn’t wrong. After a few hundred metres winding our way away from the car park we rounded the corner to be confronted by the gorge and a scramble that wouldn’t have looked out of place on total wipeout. As you can see my journey to the top wasn’t the most gracious but it was successful so jobs a goodun.


The same issues with the left side persist so my right side is effectively powering HMS Jackson on its own. The only problem is that if this gulf in performance continues to widen it may result in me walking around in circles. I’m still seeing improvements in the left leg but only in certain postures and its proving difficult to transfer those improvements into my gait. Saying that, the first time i walked further than a mile was only four weeks ago and yesterday i managed six, I’m no mathematician but apparently thats an improvement… Long may it continue..

P.s. If anyone else wants to get involved and climb with us please drop me a line, and thanks again to everyone who has shown support so far, legends..

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